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Agility with Jenn!

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Meet the lovely Jenn Schielke

We love Jenn because

Jenn is amazing! We consistently get fantastic feedback from participants in her classes. She's fun, friendly and very knowledgeable. Her adventures in the dog world keep us captivated.

What you can find Jenn teaching:

Agility level one, two and Puppy Gymnastics

About Jenn:

I grew up on a hobby farm in Central Alberta & had a love for animals at a very young age. I had everything from pheasants & quail to pigs & horses; we even fostered a fox kit for a while.

I began dog sports after I got my second Miniature Dachshund in 2007.  I started with puppy agility and added on skills like flyball and distance.  I was invited to apprentice with the SuperDogs performance team in 2008, and the rest is history so they say!  Today, I have traveled across North America performing with my 6 dogs; we are always working on enhancing old skills and learning new ones.  I aspire to one day earn a spot (or 3) on an International Agility team, with my Sighthounds, to represent Team Canada.

Jenn's classes

Click on the class you are interested in for booking details, if no classes are available please sign up for our waitlist, as soon as new dates are confirmed our waitlist will have first access to booking!

Intro to Agility: Level 1

Intro to Agility: Level 1

Taught by:

Jenn Schielke

Does your furry friend have energy to spare and a love for adventure? Join our Agility Level One class, led by none other than Jenn our in house agility superstar! 

📚 What to Expect:

- Dive into the exciting world of agility training and watch your dog thrive.

- Master various agility equipment and gain basic skills to conquer small sequences.

- Level one agility is perfect for dogs 12 months and over, who have completed basic training classes/puppy lessons and are ready to learn some new skils.

- Boost your dog's confidence, creating a happy, balanced pup, whilst creating a bond between the both of you!

🛠️ What to Bring:

- A sturdy martingale-style collar ensures safety and control during training.

- Equip your dog with a flat leash for secure and effective guidance.

- Remember their favorite motivator treat or toy for extra encouragement!

👥 About Our Trainer:

Our instructor is a true agility maestro, boasting years of experience and a reputation for excellence in the field. Get ready to be amazed by their expertise and passion for helping dogs reach their full potential.

📍 Where:

Barrett Dog Sports and Off Leash Area indoor play area!

📝 Ready to Sign Up?

Secure your spot now and embark on a journey of discovery with your four-legged companion. Spaces are limited, so act fast! Classes will be limited to six students.

🐕‍🦺 Don't miss out on this opportunity to build an unbreakable bond with your dog while fostering their agility skills! Sign up today and let the adventure begin! 🐕🏆

Puppy Gymnastics

Puppy Gymnastics

Taught by:

Jenn Schielke

🐾 Is your puppy between 6 months and 1 year old, bursting with energy and eager to learn? Join our Puppy Agility program and lay the foundation for a confident, agile companion! 🐶

📚 What to Expect:

- Foster your puppy's confidence with carefully designed, low-impact activities.

- Learn basic skills, coordination, and foundations essential for future agility training.

- Ensure the well-being of your pup's developing skeletal structures throughout the course.

🐾 Prerequisites:

All puppies must have completed a regular puppy class before attending this program. This ensures they have the basic obedience skills needed for a successful agility experience.

🛠️ What to Bring:

- A flat collar and leash for secure and effective training.

- Your puppy's cherished toy for added motivation and engagement.

- Plenty of tiny, irresistible treats to reward their progress and efforts.

🐶 About the Program:

Our Puppy Agility class sets the stage for a lifetime of agility adventures. Lay the groundwork now, and watch your pup flourish as they grow older.

📍 Where:

Barrett Dog Sports and Off Leash Area, Indoor Area.

📝 Ready to Enroll?

Secure your spot in this exciting program designed specifically for our young, eager learners. Limited spaces available!

🐾 We're thrilled to embark on this journey with you and your pup! Let's build a strong foundation for a lifetime of agility fun. See you there! 🐾🎉

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