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Which Area Should I pick?



Safe Haven is designed as a safe space for dogs, that may not want to be social with other humans or dogs!


Fenced with a 6ft privacy fence and staggered entrance times, you'll not come into contact with anyone - Unless you invite friends to attend with you for a play date!

The area isn't as big as our other two areas, but theres still plenty of space to run, play and throw a ball.

Size: 128x112 feet

Maximum Capacity: 7 Dogs

Events: Not suitable for events unless pre-discussed


And Tumble

Rough and Tumble is our largest outside area, fully fenced and with so much space to play, theres even a shelter for your pawrents to hide in if it rains! 

This is the perfect space to throw a ball, relax and watch the sunset, breathe in the country air and get some good sniffs.

Looking for a spot to hold a puppy party outside? A pet friendly staff event - this may just be the spot!

Size: 325x145 feet

Maximum Capacity: No maximum

Events: Suitable for events, contact for details or head over to our events page!


The Indoor 

The indoor area is outfitted with premium mats for comfort, it's perfect on snow days or smokey days for a runaround!

You may just find some fun agility equipment in the indoor area, as our trainers make it available at times for use (please note equipment is not guaranteed to be available as our trainers may be using it) This area is perfect for a group session, nose work, rally event or seminar!


Size: 4000 square feet

Maximum Capacity: No maximum!

Events: Suitable for events, contact for details or head over to our events page


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