Barrett Dog Sports has handpicked a few amazing and talented trainers to bring you the most variety of classes around. 

From puppy to mature, obedience to sport - we have classes available for you and your dog!

Meet our wonderful trainers below!


Dr. Beth Barrett

What you can find me teaching:

Private Lessons

Dr Barrett loves to train dogs, and has competed in Obedience, Hunt tests, Agility and Scent Hurdling with her critters. She bred, owned and trained “Brio”, the first Golden Retriever in Canadian history to earn the Master Versatility Certificate (still one of only two dogs to achieve this title). In addition to Barrett Dog Sports & Off-Leash area, Dr. Barrett is a small and large animal veterinarian and the owner of Barrett Vet in Dalemead, AB. 


Jennifer Council

What you can find me teaching:

Obedience Level 1 & 2, Tweens, Puppy Class, Brain Teasers, Bunny Club, Conformation and Private Lessons

Jennifer has a long history in animal training. She began as an apprentice dog trainer in 1999 in North Vancouver where she grew into an instructor for Sierra K9. During the next few years Jennifer worked as a dog trainer, a police dog quarry and dabbled in marine mammal studies, training and husbandry mostly working with Orcas. The addiction was real and before long agility and conformation were added to the slate. In 2004 Jennifer registered her Kennel Name, Tarrango, with the Canadian Kennel Club and began showing, raising and sled training her Siberian Huskies. She continued to teach obedience, agility, puppy and tracking classes while living in Lethbridge Alberta and attending the University there; on the weekends Jennifer worked as an assistant Conformation Handler on both sides of the 49th parallel. Fast forward to 2007 and the wonderful world of Lure Coursing was introduced to Jenn - an immediate new love and appreciation for Sighthounds was born and Whippets began to take over her home and life. Today Jenn continues to show and grow in the land of whippets; she shows a few other breeds for select clients and is a licensed CKC Lure Coursing Judge. The years have given Jennifer a vast array of experience in many dog sports as well as day to day living, her training methods encompass positive reinforcement with a strong emphasis on behaviour shaping while working with people to ensure they are fair and structured to provide the best relationship with their canine companions. Her goal is to help her clients obtain a strong and lasting partnership with their dogs by being the best leaders they can be.


Jenn Schielke

What you can find me teaching:

Agility, Puppy Gymnastics

I grew up on a hobby farm in Central Alberta & had a love for animals at a very young age. I had everything from pheasants & quail to pigs & horses; we even fostered a fox kit for a while.

I began dog sports after I got my second Miniature Dachshund in 2007.  I started with puppy agility and added on skills like flyball and distance.  I was invited to apprentice with the SuperDogs performance team in 2008, and the rest is history so they say!  Today, I have traveled across North America performing with my 6 dogs; we are always working on enhancing old skills and learning new ones.  I aspire to one day earn a spot (or 3) on an International Agility team, with my Sighthounds, to represent Team Canada.


Dr. Carla Simon

What you can find me teaching:

Scent Detection, Tracking, Private Lessons

From detecting bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework, Carla Simon, MD, BSc, MBA has trained thousands of students around the world. Since 1999, Carla has bred and trained Brittanys for Hunter’s Heart Kennels Reg’d. Hunter’s Heart provides bed bug inspections in the Calgary area, and has been featured in the Pointing Dog Journal, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Journal, Dogs in Canada, and Clean Run magazines. Carla is a Contributing Editor for the American Brittany Magazine, and a sought-after speaker who drew a sold-out crowd of more than 600 at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. She is the Senior Provincial Representative for the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Scent Detection Council.

Carla is the Past President of Sniff Alberta, and judges scent detection for CKC, K9 ABC Games, and is a Certifying Official for UKC Nosework (the second largest kennel club in the world). She has conducted Behavior Assessments for the Calgary Humane Society, onboarding junior assessors. In her capacity as a Canine Good Neighbor Evaluator, she organized Alberta’s first CGN test, and has evaluated potential therapy dog prospects and pets at events such as Pet Expo. She chaired the American Brittany Club’s Performance Committee (AKC), and was appointed to the Health & Genetics Committee of the CKC.

Carla’s students include fully engaged, professional detection teams, sniffer dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, hunting dogs, nosework dogs, Canine Good Neighbours, tracking dogs, dogsports partners and well behaved pets. The secret is that “work” has to be fun. Learn more at


Lori Lancaster

What you can find me teaching:

Trick Dog

Lori has trained dogs, competed and taught successfully for over 40 years. She is highly competitive in

Agility, Obedience, Rally, Show as well as Working and Hunt Tests, Dock Diving and Trick Dog. Lori has

earned well over 500 CKC and AKC Show and Performance Titles plus National Wins, numerous High in

Trial and High Aggregate Obedience Wins. She has earned Hundreds of Awards for Hall of Fame, Versatility Certificates and Annual Top Dogs in Canada Awards. She earned the esteemed Honorific of CKC Master Breeder for Gold’C’ker Perm. Reg’d Golden Retrievers. She was part of the Superdogs Team in the 80’s, 90’s and competed in team canine sports in the past. She is a life-time member in good standing of numerous dog clubs serving various Board positions. Lori is a Certified Evaluator, Instructor and Judge for Trick Dog, Animal Actor, Stunt Dog and Canine Fitness. She began Animal Training for the Motion Pictures and Film Industry in 2004 working on almost 30 Movies, Commercials and TV Series to date. She is the owner of the popular canine facility Wet Noses.